Rugged Leather Rucksack

A rugged leather rucksack turns anyone into an explorer with handcrafted material that is perfect for school, work, or travel. These water-resistant packs fit devices up to 12 inches while allowing you to travel in style and luxury.

Where can I find a rucksack?

The term rucksack comes from a frameless bag carried on your back. Essentially, a backpack gives you extra space for things your hands cannot handle.

Buffalo hide makes for the perfect companion as it is stylish and rugged. At three pounds, these bags are light as well. The most rugged leather backpacks in the world withstand your daily life better than cloth and even nylon.

Large leather schoolbag

The Vintage Buffalo Leather Rucksack from Status Co is made to meet the needs of the everyday professional or student. This item can be used as a backpack, iPad, or laptop bag, or for the occasional day trip.

Two side pockets let you fit a water bottle or umbrella. Carry your books in style. Walk into the courthouse ready for battle. Ace your exams or just relax in style in the park. This bag exudes class and style.

Comfortable leather bookbag

The thinness of many designer leather bags makes them cumbersome. We sought to eliminate discomfort with large straps that offer the protection of padding. These bags are crafted from the ground up with the person in mind.

A design that conforms to your back and the support of stiff leather help you carry medium-sized or small loads. Walk-in style without hurting your back as our products seek to offer luxury at a price your body and wallet can afford.

Rucksack for travel

A travel sack does not need to carry you into the backcountry. Your backpack does not need to hold 500 pounds or be useful for an overnight camping trip.

Eschew the look of the mountains for a more city-style when not planning a trip to the wilderness. Status Co. built a bag that is perfect for everyday adventures in a look that screams of Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Where can I find an affordable leather bag?

Leather does not need to be costly. Cognac rugged leather backpack sells for under $300 online. Leather imported from Napa, Italy, and suede leatherworks means that we do not skimp on the material.

Many other backpacks sell for over five hundred dollars. Status Co. offers directly from the manufacturer prices that our customers can afford.

Where can I purchase a leather rucksack?

A rugged leather rucksack lets you travel in style, carrying the essentials you need to thrive. Our backpack is large enough for your laptop and books and yet still light. We provide affordable luxury at a price your body can withstand.

Status Co imports leather from the best destinations. Get your lasting bag from our store in Daleville AL. Call us at (334) 245-4140 or visit the studio where we handcraft some of the finest bags in the price range.