About Status Co. Leather Studio


Status Co. Leather StudioⓇ, is a leading merchant of handcrafted artisan leather goods in Alabama.  Located in the Boll Weevil Circle commercial district of Enterprise, Alabama,  Status Co. LLC, publicly known as Status Co. Leather Studio, offers durable, earthly-friendly leather home designs and leather accessories online and locally via a brick & mortar retail space.   Created in April 2019, Status Co Leather Studio retails, curates, and produces a variety of leather handicrafts that are naturally tanned, dyed, and finished with plant-based agents without harsh chemicals. Status Co. Leather Studio is the most visible retailer of handcrafted veg-tanned leather goods within a 100-mile local radius.  Status Co. Leather StudioⓇ and Status Co.Ⓡ are registered trademarks of Status Co. LLC.


Tenita L. Strand, Owner of Status Co. Leather Studio

"I began Status Co. Leather Studio with the adage "If they won't hire you, "higher" yourself.... so I became a social entrepreneur.   I was unsettled -  approaching 50, divorced, single parent  with two daughters, and a granddaughter.  I was highly-educated with graduate degrees but had nine employment rejections.  Additionally, I was a caretaker for my ageing grandmother.  There was a lot on my plate, but I knew that being an entrepreneur would give me ownership of time. I also knew that online retail had a low barrier to entry. 

With sweat equity and a small loan from my mother,  Status Co Leather Studio launched as an eCommerce store in June 2019; retailing a signature brand of heirloom-quality, full-grain and top-grain leather bags and leather accessories. Six-months later, I created a quaint, eclectic studio space as a brick-&-mortar showroom.  It was a humble start… but most importantly, I started, despite having little resources and a looming global pandemic.  I didn’t let my current circumstance overshadow my vision of growing into an admired leather brand." 

- Tenita L. Strand, Owner