Caring For Your Leather Bag

Status Co. Leather Care Kit 
4pc Travel Size - 24.95


  • Store your bag in a dust bag away from moisture and variations of heat or cold when it's not in use.
  • Test new leather care treatments in an inconspicuous area of your bag first before applying to the entire bag.
  • Dip a soft cloth in a cup of warm water to dampen it, then dip the cloth into a can of saddle soap or leather cleaner. Make sure that the cleaner you use is designed for full-grain leather products.

    Rub Status Co. Leather Spot Cleaner or  into the full-grain leather thoroughly to remove set in dirt and soften the hide. Allow the leather cleaner or saddle soap to dry, then use a soft dry cloth to wipe away the excess.

    Use a toothbrush to clean any hard to reach areas on the full-grain leather. Dip an old toothbrush in some warm water, then in the leather cleaner or saddle soap. Scrub the affected areas gently to remove any set in dirt. Allow the leather cleaner or saddle soap to dry, then wipe it off with a soft cloth.

    Apply a quality leather conditioner and protectant to the leather items after a thorough cleaning. This will help to protect the hide from water, dirt and other damage. Always use a conditioner that is designed specifically for full-grain leather.       


  • Never apply heat to your Status Co. leather to dry it, just let it dry naturally. Direct heat will dry out the leather and it may become brittle.
  • Do not leave your bag in direct sunlight, which may change the color of your Status Co. leather product.


Think of conditioning like moisturizer for your leather – it will dry out over time, and conditioner will maintain the moisture. This means you should be cleaning and conditioning your leather every 8-12 weeks, using a high-quality leather conditioner. Use Status Co. Leather Dressing or Status Co. Leather Cream.



We frequently get asked by our customers if they should waterproof their leather. We'll let you in on a little secret...

Waterproofing our pieces with a Status Co. Leather Waterproofing Spray every 2-4 weeks is what prevents our bags from getting stained. Remember that coffee? We recommend weather proofing spray. Be zealous during rainy season and try to avoid heavy downpours because leather is permeable and can never be entirely waterproof.

Additional Leather Information

Sometimes, your bag might have a scratch or a spot when you receive it, but don’t worry; this is normal with eco-friendly, full- and top-grain leather,

*Eco-friendly leather products: These products are composed of leathers which are tanned using natural or biological (organic) solutions, and virtually unsealed at the end of the tanning process.

We choose to work with natural leather not only because of its safety for people and planet, but also because it gives Status Co. leather a unique look. The unsealed leather allows scratches to accumulate, and the gentle tanning solutions allow natural marks in the hide to show. We consider any scratch or mark that is visible to be beautiful and completely natural.