Buffalo Leather Weekend Bag

A buffalo leather weekend bag from Status Co brings style and strength. These rustic bags are perfect for storing your everyday items with a retro look that turns heads.

What is buffalo leather?

Buffalo leather comes from one of the 74 species of Buffalo. These animals are raised on specialized farms where they develop the muscle and quality guaranteed to produce quality products ranging from meat to hides.

Buffalo hide gives your bag a rustic look. The soft brown is unique and emanates luxury and quality while carrying a pleasant aroma.

Why should I purchase a buffalo leather bag?

A men’s weekend bag made from this material is:

  • Durable
  • Stylish
  • Potentially large

The Men’s Buffalo Weekender and Duffel Bag from Status Co. comes in many shapes and sizes. With a weight of just 4.8 pounds and a size of 20 inches, these bags are large enough for your trip to the gym or domestic vacation.

Brass finish

Our weekend bag lets you travel in class with brass finishes and an adjustable as well as a removable shoulder strap. Tune your bag for your comfort and relish in the classic finish.

Status CO went the extra mile to make sure that every aspect of our bag ruminates class. Every bag is handcrafted to perfection or curated from Nappa, Italian, and suede leatherworks.

How strong are buffalo leather bags?

Leather bags are notoriously stronger. They are impervious to the impact of hitting your trunk or the floor, can withstand the accidental poke with scissors, and wear more slowly than cloth.

A strong bag that does not tear easily is ideal for any trip. This makes leather the perfect companion for your time off.

Is buffalo leather waterproof?

Leather s not inherently waterproof but treating your bag with waterproof material not only extends its life but makes it more impervious to water. While never 100 percent waterproof, your bag can become water-resistant.

Our leather travel bags can easily be treated and retreated with waterproofing material. This allows you to carry your new duffel bag to the gym in the rain or wait for a taxi. Just do not leave buffalo or any leather in a downpour.

Luxury bags at low prices

Status Co. creates luxury at an affordable price. Our bags do not cost thousands of dollars yet turn heads and give the unique look you are looking for.

Leather bags do not need to carry a hefty price tag. An elegant and classic look can be yours for less than $400.

Buffalo leather duffel bag

A Buffalo duffel bag comes from an ancient source of coverings. These bags are retro, classy, and let you travel in style. They can be made somewhat water-resistant as well.

Travel in style with a buffalo leather weekend bag. Our waxed canvas travel bags are already treated for strength and durability. Get in touch with us at our studio in Daleville AL today. Call (334) 245-41410 or visit us online.