Buffalo Hide Gym Bags

When it comes to exercising or losing weight, one of the key things that can set you up for the journey is having all of the equipment you might need or better still being able to easily load and carry along some of the equipment you might need in the gym.

The easiest way by which you can make this easier for your self is by getting your hands on one of the buffalo hide gym bags offered by Status Co.


Why purchase buffalo hide gym bags?

Leather is considered one of the more durable and best materials when it comes to creating not only gym bags but wears in general. This is largely due to their strong resilient nature and aging properties.

Buffalo leather having an epidermal layer up to three times thicker than cowhide, makes it one of the more durable materials for crafting bags that would be capable of effectively carrying heavy luggage that other bag materials would have an otherwise difficult time doing.

This makes obtaining a buffalo leather duffel bag the way to go when considering a bag for carrying large and rather heavy items.


What are some of the benefits of owning buffalo hide bags from Status Co?

1. Toughness and durability

Status Co offers the best leather duffle bags that would stand the test of time.
With bags made with buffalo leather, you are guaranteed to be getting top of the line products that would not only meet all of your carrying needs but would also age well as time goes by.

This makes our handcrafted leather bags the way to go for individuals looking for a bag that they wouldn't have to dispose of after usage in the short run.

 2. Multifunctional purposes.

Status Co offers leather bags that you buy not for only gym purposes as all bags are handcrafted and offer a classy representation and multifunctional look that would suit your personality.

We are committed to providing high-quality products that are ethically made to suit every lifestyle.

 3. Variety of styles.

When looking to purchase a leather bag from Status Co, individuals are awarded the option of choosing between the variety of leather bags available to get.
From Personalized buffalo hide bags, Vintage buffalo hide duffel bag to basic buffalo leather shoulder bags, no matter your needs, there is a product that is available to suit your needs.

 4. Durable buckles and zippers

When looking to acquire any bags, people are generally concerned about the durability of zippers and buckles.

We at Status Co fully understand this and act accordingly by carefully paying attention to this when creating any of our bags.

 5. Lightweight

One of the other benefits that our bags offer to you is that they are relatively lightweight regardless of whether they are part of the masterpiece collection or not.

A bag should function as a great means to carry while also being a hindrance in the process. We fully understanding have acted accordingly in delivering to that regard.

if you are in search of Buffalo duffle bags for sale, then feel free to reach out to Status Co. for your high-quality buffalo hide gym bags and stand the opportunity to gain a 10% discount on your first purchase.

Dial (334) 245-4140 now for further inquiries or visit our site for further insight on the amazing products we have for you.