Status Co. Leather Studio Partners with Reddy Yeti for $4500 Giveaway-Status Co. Leather Studio

Status Co. Leather Studio Partners with Reddy Yeti for $4500 Giveaway

Status Co. Leather Studio has partnered with Reddy Yeti and other awesome brands for the Backcountry Gear Giveaway.  You can enter for a chance to $4500 worth of  snowboarding and camping essentials for indoor and outdoor living. 

Reddy Yeti is a community of outdoor enthusiasts who support startups in the outdoor sport industry. They are storytellers, adventurers, and nature-fanatics who work with outdoor startups by sharing their stories through the voice of their founders on our podcast, hold giveaways of their products, and shine the spotlight on young brands with innovative gear/technology, progressive environmental sustainability practices, and/or deep philanthropic involvement. We are a platform where outdoor startups who seek to improve our industry can be found and share their unique ideas and missions.

Status Co. Leather Studio is a socially responsible brand committed to high-quality, handcrafted products that are ethically made, durable, and earth-friendly.  Our products are made with time-honored techniques that are made to endure over time.  Leather is sustainable and is often in various weather conditions throughout many cultures  To sponsor our Full-Grain Buffalo Leather Sling Messenger Bag was befitting for this giveaway. 

You're invited to browse our leather collection and expect to be pleasantly surprised!  Discover products that make a statement and stand out. These are conversation pieces that you can carry with pride and offer as a unique gift.

Enter the Backcountry Gear Giveaway here

We wish you good luck and look forward to announcing a winner! It may be YOU!


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