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18 Women-Lead Businesses In Alabama Focused On Health & Sustainability

“We Do Not Inherit the Earth from Our Ancestors; We Borrow It from Our Children.”

This ancient proverb is as poignant as it is powerful. In a world where the majority is focused on the now, the future belongs to those who are willing to look ahead. A keen sense of social responsibility, environmental consciousness, and physical and spiritual wellness are just some of the characteristics that make up the lifestyle of health and sustainability (LOHAS). 

This paradigm shift in both thought and personal action has led to corresponding shifts in the marketplace. Tending to be relatively upscale and well-educated, the LOHAS consumer is less focused on the frugal and more interested in the future. From locally sourced, organic produce to carbon-free methods of transportation, members of the LOHAS community seek to satisfy their consumer needs without sacrificing the wellbeing of the greater good. 

These cultural creatives seek ways to create a new and better way of life in all that they do, and business owners have taken notice. In our home state of Alabama alone, there is a healthy list of women-owned businesses that take pride in being eco-friendly and practicing sustainability in their operations.

We’d like to take a moment to feature these companies and celebrate with them the efforts they’ve undertaken to ensure a better tomorrow for all of us. Presented in alphabetical order along with the names of the company’s owner(s) or (co)founder, we applaud these women and the product of their entrepreneurial spirit. 

  •       AR Dothan Workshop: (Miriam Sellers) DIY and Craft Studio that uses natural material and signature eco-friendly wood stains  -

full grain leather women's purse, shoulder, crossbody, travel bag, mae soap company

  •       Market at Dothan: (Roslyn Horton) Local Organic Farming and Natural Agriculture

  •       Mural City Coffee Company: (Gina Swan) Organic Coffee & Tea; Historic Preservation / Revitalization

  •       Panda Organics: (Amanda Nicole) Plants, Horticulture, Gifts, and Novelties

  •       Supreme Naturalz: (Tamekia Rahshell) Yoni Steaming Salon and Women’s Personal Care

  •       Tahila Cakes: (Shayla Davis) Homemade Desserts and Delicacies w/ Natural Ingredients & Reusable Containers

tahila cakes, full grain leather women's purse, shoulder, crossbody, travel bag,

It’s an honor for me to be a peer to the amazing women on this list, and it’s an absolute joy to share their information with you. Status Co. is very proud to provide high-quality products and also focus on responsibility and sustainability. Our leather goods are the epitome of using handcrafted, durable, and earth-friendly materials to help preserve our natural resources. The shelf life of leather can be measured in hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of years, and it is a product that can be upcycled or repurposed as it wears down.

We hope you’ll join us by supporting our friends and becoming a part of the LOHAS movement. Together, we can experience prosperity today while ensuring a prosperous future for those who follow.

Pictured: Status Co. Brand Ambassador 
@wholelotta.angela  w/ Crafted Women's Buffalo Leather Tote Bag
Status Co. is 100% Woman-Owned
a Member of the Enterprise Chamber of Commerce 
and the Daleville Area Chamber of Commerce
Supports the "Get Green Alabama" initiative 
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Thanks so much for the feature in this beautiful written article. Many green blessings always

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